The Traits of Harmful Administration


When the Israelites requested that they wanted a king to rule over them and rejected the theocratic reign of God, God gave them Saul son of Kish as their king. It was God’s dedication to proceed to rule the Israelites by the use of a human advisor. Later, God rejected Saul as unfit to proceed to rule the Israelites. Why was Saul’s administration condemned?

Solomon was one in all many many kings who dominated Israel after Saul. He had a protracted and peaceful reign over Israel. His son Rehoboam succeeded him as king. Nonetheless shortly after his accession to the throne, the UK was divided into two and he misplaced the bigger part of the dominion. What made the UK divide and disintegrate beneath king Rehoboam?

After the Dying of Joshua and the elders who out-lived him, there was an unimaginable draw back of administration in Israel. God raised up judges occasionally to ship his people from oppression and rule over them. Samson was a kind of judges that God raised. The Israelites, whom Samson was raised to ship on numerous occasions tried helpful him over to their oppressors. Samson later grew to grow to be a prisoner of the philistines until his dying. What occurred to this good man that God raised as a ship?

For a girl to rule a nation like Israel, she ought to even have some good qualities. Subsequently one cannot be incorrect in saying Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah, who moreover dominated Israel, had good qualities. Nonetheless, throughout the seventh yr of her reign the people conspired in the direction of her and put her to dying by the sword. What was incorrect alongside together with her administration that introduced on her matter to have acted on this way?

The four leaders talked about failed of their administration roles. For that cause their administration has been characterised as unhealthy. Nonetheless, is it because of one fails in administration that one’s administration is unhealthy? Failure is an indication that there are particular traits of 1’s administration that are not good. These Traits, which set off leaders to fail, would now be acknowledged throughout the administration of the four leaders. This can seemingly be achieved beneath the following headings: (a) A reflection on the administration of 5 leaders in Bible situations ( b) Basic traits of their administration (c) An evaluation of their administration.

A reflection on the administration of 5 leaders in Bible situations

This half is a reflection on the administration of 5 leaders whose administration has been characterised as unhealthy. As talked about throughout the introduction each of these leaders have expert failures of their administration. Nonetheless, is it because of a failure that one’s administration should be characterised as unhealthy? This reflection is the first step in answering the question posed above. The administration of Saul, Rehoboam, Samson and Athaliah will seemingly be briefly talked about specializing of their preparedness or well being to steer and on their specific areas of failure.


Saul was the first king of Israel. Saul is chosen by divine steering. He is an individual of humility, consecrated by holy oil and full of the spiurit.1 It could’t be denied that Saul was prepared for administration by the peace of thoughts of divine help and the actual dualities that God gave him as a person. As Joyce Peel rightly recognized, on the very beginning of his reign Saul proved his functionality to steer as he rescued the city of Jabesh from the administration of Nahash the Ammonite. The victory over the Ammonites gave Saul acceptance amongst the entire people.

With out disagreeing with Joyce Peel that Saul had good qualities for administration and was prepared for administration by the peace of thoughts of divine help, Ted Engstrom acknowledged that Saul lacked lots of the good qualities one expects in administration.2 To substantiate his stage, he made reference to an account in second Samuel Chapter 5. This account was in reference to a request the people of the northern tribes of Israel made to David, asking him to even be their King. Of their attraction to David, Engstrom seen that they said David was the true power in Saul’s authorities and Saul was solely a figurehead. It was David who led Israel out to battle and acquired victories for the nation. In addition to, Engstrom recognized that the nation that Saul left behind was torn by civil wars.three

In may be true that Saul lacked lots of the good qualities one expects in administration, nonetheless the qualities that he had had been okay for him to succeed. Determining the areas of Saul’s failures can present the aim that he had what would have made him succeed. In keeping with William J Dumbrell, there have been three important areas of failures in Saul’s administration. The first was when Saul defies Samuel’s orders to attend in Mizpah until he comes to provide sacrifice sooner than the troopers go to battle. Saul went alongside and supplied the sacrifice though he was not a Levite. The second was, as Dumbrell locations it, his meals taboo and his proposed dying of Jonathan. Jonathan had eaten some wild honey not understanding that Saul had pronounced a self-determined religious fast, enforced with a curse, until the pursuit of their enemies was over. In addition to, Saul’s victorious navy was so hungry as soon as they returned that they slaughtered and ate the animals with out cooking the meet. On this state of affairs Saul truly misplaced administration of his followers. The third failure was when he failed to carry out God’s instructions concerning the Amalekites. He was presupposed to destroy them and their animals completely, nonetheless he spared the king and top-of-the-line of the animals.4

Saul’s failure ought to however be seen in its wider context. The issue was that he refuses to acknowledge God’s authority established by the use of the prophet Samuel. Samuel was to supply divine steering to Saul for him to succeed.

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